Decommissioning photo


N-ERGISE has become a market leader in the decommissioning market with experience of being involved in decommissioning multiple platforms in the North Sea. The company recognises the real need for a structured and well-coordinated approach to the whole decommissioning process, not least because the operator requires a cost effective and cost reliable solution which complies with his legislative commitments. In order to do this, an engineered, managed and consistent approach needs to take place from the earliest point of survey to project completion.

N-ERGISE can work with the client to develop their decommissioning program starting with a FEED study onto developing the scopes right through to the offshore execution phase.

With N-ERGISE being based in Great Yarmouth on the East Coast of England this puts N-ERGISE in a prime location to support North Sea decommissioning work. N-ERGISE can also offer laydown facilities for post removal work.

Some of the Decommissioning services N-ERGISE can offer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Initial Survey/Study of Platform Topsides
  • FEED Decommissioning studies i.e. Scope, cost and schedule analysis providing full baseline estimate, scope definition and timeline. Cost risk analysis
  • Development of Removal Proposal and Costings
  • Project Management and interface provision/support including Project engineering support
  • Complete Engineering study and support service – Including offshore surveys, model developments, weight and COG analysis, design of enabling services, design of temporary structural requirements, production of Job Cards, risk analysis, HSE plans, etc
  • NDT and inspection services, corrosion and thickness checks
  • Provision of Skilled Offshore Labour for Cutting & Removal, Piece small demolition, installation of temporary services and structural requirements, incudes trades and supervision
  • Onshore & Offshore fabrication
  • Offshore intervention support and access bridge manufacture and supply
  • High Pressure Water Jet Cutting
  • Rope Access
  • Scaffolding
  • Tank Cleaning and waste removal
  • Supply and management of plant and equipment to support all onshore and offshore activities. Including Hazardous Waste/goods
  • Waste/scrap removal and managements of waste streams and disposal/recycle