Drone Inspection photo

Drone (UAV) inspection

N-ERGISE understands the need to reduce risks and costs. UAV inspections are a great example of N-ERGISE using the latest technology to reduce Working at Height risks and associated costs.

The UAV inspections can be carried out on onshore or offshore assets, obtaining high quality images and video from areas of assets that are normally inaccessible by crew.

N-ERGISE provides State of the art Industrial-grade UAV equipment which is operated by highly experienced and qualified drone pilots. The pilots are also suitable qualified in their area of Engineering to know defects to seek, identify and provide remedial solutions.

Inspections provided:

  • WTG
  • Blades
  • Power lines
  • Substations
  • Flare towers
  • Cranes
  • Drilling derrick
  • Helideck support structures
  • Under deck/splash zone
  • Risers/caissons
  • Vessel
Drone silhouette