Industrial Tank Cleaning

N-ERGISE provides leading innovative industrial cleaning and decontamination services for tanks and vessels across multiple industry sectors.

Delivering a wide range of services from routine cleaning and monitoring work scopes to complex decommissioning and destruct workscopes, in addition to major shutdown and turnaround projects.

Once the tanks and vessels are cleaned and decontaminated N-ERGISE is perfectly equipped to carryout inspection services and repairs where necessary.

Cleaning services provided:

Chemical Cleaning
Chemical cleaning is the method by which unwanted contaminated, deposits scale and sludge are broken down through the introduction of chemicals and their reaction for the purpose of dissolution. Often chemical cleaning can reduce cleaning time by as much as 90%, producing less waste and able to be used across a variety of applications including pipelines, heat exchangers, compressor systems, desalters, crude and vacuum units, aromatic units, condensers and struvite cleans (WWTP). Cleans areas of plant and assets otherwise inaccessible by other methods.

N-ERGISE have experience providing various chemical cleaning services. Our highly trained personnel allow N-ERGISE to offer tailored tank cleaning solutions from post operational chemical cleaning removing products such as Hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals such as scale, grease & crude oil deposits through to Bitumen asphalt. Also offering a high-pressure cleaning and waste management transportation waste removal service.

Confined Space Entry
Tank cleaning is an extremely hazardous activity. When working in a confined space N-ERGISE personnel are highly trained to carry out all aspects of cleaning.

High Pressure Water Jetting
Pressure washing is a surface preparation method used to clean substrates prior to painting or with high pressure to strip the paint completely from the surface. It can be used for cleaning loose and peeling paint, dirt, mould, mildew, or to eliminate heavy oils and grease.

Cold or hot pressure washing (essential for difficult to clean surfaces) typically provides a flow force of 2,500 PSI. However, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting can exceed even 40,000 PSI for removal of “permanent” finishes such as stripping paint from metal and concrete.

Our highly trained teams perform power washing services for industrial cleaning methods typically target and remove heavy stains, grease, and grime from tanks, production facilities and structural steel surfaces.

N-ERGISE carries out a wide range of non destructive testing including Eddy Current Testing, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Examination and Visual Inspection.

N-ERGISE provide a world-class service to the waste to energy and petrochemical refining industry through safe and effective removal and disposal of dry and wet waste, fast and efficiently.

NORM Management and Disposal
N-ERGISE provides a NORM management and disposal service to which covers the monitoring, removal, treatment and disposal of NORM.

Vacuum waste removal
N-ergies provide a world-class service to the waste to energy and petrochemical refinery industry through safe and effective removal and disposal of dry and wet waste, fast and efficiently.

N-ERGISE uses heavy duty vacuum units for the safe and efficient removal of cement, chemicals, dust, mill scale, oil spills, slurries for cleaning industrial waste.