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  • Refinery and pipelines
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Engineering Surveying Services

N-ERGISE offer experienced constructability knowledge, all too often designs are introduced without thought out practicalities of construction. We offer solutions to overcome any such issues highlighting at design stage potential constructability issues, our survey teams are fully conversant with all disciplines of construction and installation techniques.

Offering the following services:-

  • Accurate dimensional inspection of pre/post welded fabricated items/structures also incorporating TTS laser surveys
  • Compiling of detailed 3D drawings using Rhino 3D and AutoCAD drawing packages.
  • Ensuring correct identification of pre-fabricated parts enabling swift and accurate movement to vendors.
  • TTS laser surveys on site and offshore.
  • Supervising of offshore involving surveying, installation of pre-fabricated pipe spools, bolt tensioning and tagging, installation of pre-constructed components and pipe supports.
  • Issuing red lined drawings for the fabrication of surveyed components.Producing detailed pipe templates for the cutting of trunnions and saddles.

Note: TTS surveying will ultimately save time and cost associated to any project combined with unrivalled accuracy it is a must have within any project, site installation of pipework can be achieved accurately with minimum field weld requirements.